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For more details on our ‘Going for Goals!’ theme please click on the links below—some of these links are PowerPoint presentations and videos which have been used with the children during assemblies.


Going for Goals!—guidance document


Session 1—New Year, New Start; Make a Change (576KB)

Session 2—The Tower of Babel (991KB)

Session 3—Taking Responsibility (Saying Sorry) (139KB)

Session 4—The Story of Adam and Eve (7MB)

Session 5—Martin Luther King Day (624KB)

Session 6—Never Give Up (5MB)

Session 6—Moses and Pharaoh (5MB)

Session 7—Eco-Resilience (1MB)

Session 8—Resilience in Science (1MB)

Session 9—Celebrating Chinese New Year (7MB)

Session 10—Achieving Your Goals (a film) (8MB)

Session 11—Moses Parts the Red Sea (591KB)

Session 12—It doesn't matter who you are (1MB)

Session 13—The Story behind Valentine’s Day (117KB)

Session 14—Wise Choices (120KB)


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The themes for each half-term are:

Autumn 1: New beginnings

Autumn 2: Getting on and Falling Out

November: Say No to Bullying

Spring 1: Going for Goals!

Spring 2: Good to be Me

Summer 1: Relationships

Summer 2: Changes


Click on a theme to find out more


We also cover the following themes as part of our assemblies.

The Christmas Story

The Easter Story

SEAL—Going for Goals!

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