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Every state funded school in England is required to have a governing body made up of volunteers who work with the school, helping to help ensure that it delivers the best possible quality of education. Governors achieve this by working with the school leadership team, providing strategic direction, helping to define the school ethos and to set the school’s aims and policies.

Other key functions of a school governing body include;

Here at Clifton we have a team of 11 dedicated governors making up the governing body, including the headteacher, staff, parent representatives and members drawn in various ways from the local community. All share a common objective of wanting to help ensure the wellbeing of pupils, and that Clifton remains a thriving and lively learning environment in support of the School ethos ‘bringing out the best in each and every child’.

We have a diverse group of governors with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Some have first-hand knowledge of the educational sector, others bring skills and knowledge from other areas of the public sector, private industry and life experience. Many have had children who went to Clifton and want to give something back to the School for what it has given them.

Governors receive training when they are first appointed, and throughout their period of office, helping them to understand their responsibilities and the framework in which schools are required to operate. Here at Clifton, our Governor team has been on over 100 individual training courses with topics ranging from School Finance, School Inspection, Child Safeguarding, School Improvement, Working Together, Staff Recruitment and Governing Body Self Evaluation

Governor responsibilities are discharged in several ways, formally through meetings (regular and adhoc), and informally through classroom visits, talking to teachers and children, attendance at school performances and functions etc.

As per the statutory requirements, there are three meetings annually of the full governing body, held termly which all governors attend. At full governing body meetings we receive detailed updates from Headteacher with regards to the achievement of school’s priorities and targets as well as considering the impact for Clifton of both National and Local educational information and initiatives. We also get the opportunity to share experiences we have had based on individual governor visits into school.

The officers of each committee is listed below:

There are also a number of other sub-committees which meet on an adhoc basis when required to consider such things as headteacher appraisal, staff pay, staff behaviour and discipline, pay appeals and pupil discipline relating to exclusions.


The Full Governing Body meets three times in the year.  We also have two committees:

  1. Standards and Effectiveness
  2. Resources

which meet at least termly, sometimes more often if required.  We have used these meetings to monitor progress of targets in the school improvement plan and challenge and hold senior leaders to account on all aspects of the work of the school.

Full Governing Body Meeting

This meeting is chaired by Mr Waby.  At Full Governing Body meetings Governors receive a report from the Headteacher on all aspects of the leadership of the school including the school improvement plan.

Other Committees

The Headteacher appraisal panel met in the Autumn Term to carry out the Headteacher’s annual appraisal.  The Pay Review Panel met  to review the school’s implementation of the Pay Policy linked to appraisal.  There is also a Pay Review Appeals Panel which has not met because there were no appeals.

Individual Governor Responsibilities

In addition to sitting on the committees, Governors have a number of individual responsibilities.

Training Link Governor:

Mr Willan has taken on the responsibility for overseeing governor training.  He ensures that we attend appropriate and relevant training courses to develop the skills we need and improve our effectiveness and make an active contribution to the governing body.  This year we have continued with the 10 minute training sessions at the start of each meeting.  This is in addition to GEL online training, such as Prevent training, and face to face training.

Safeguarding Governor including Prevent and Pupil Premium Champion:

Mr Waby is responsible ensuring that we continue to work for an outstanding level of safeguarding provision in school.  He liaises with the designated senior leads in school checking safeguarding policies, procedures and records for ensuring that staff and governors are appropriately trained and reporting back to the full governing body.

SEND Governor

Mrs DeRizzio is responsible for ensuring that the key responsibilities of the SENCo are clearly defined and meet the needs of the school. He meets with the SENCo and monitors the way in which the responsibilities and SEND processes are carried out. Mr Culley, SENCO, reports in person to the Full governing Body and Standards and Effectiveness throughout the year.

School Visits

Governors visit the school regularly. Visits provide an opportunity to speak with pupils, staff and parents.

The Chair of Governors (Mr Waby) meets regularly with the Headteacher to discuss all aspects of the work of the school.

Governors regularly attend school events throughout the year.


The Governors have attended a range of training opportunities this year and we have completed and reviewed a skills audit.  The skills audit recognises that existing Governors have a strong base of relevant expertise and experience.

Governor Training has included

10 minute training sessions at the start of meetings

Induction training for new Governors

Online training via GEL and Lancashire modules

OfSTED update and the role of the Governing Body

Prevent Training

Health and Safety Training

Safeguarding Updates

Lancashire Chairs’ Forums termly


The appointment of governors at Clifton is made in accordance with the Governing Body’s Instrument of Government.

Details of our individual governors at Clifton can be found below. This includes the following information which has to be published on the school website.

Click here for Governors Information Autumn 2020.

Click here to view a register of Attendance for the academic year 2019-2020.

Click here to view the Governors Business Interests 2020. To be reviewed in Autumn Term of each academic year.