Clifton Primary School

Meet the Staff

Headteacher Rachel Legge Leadership and Management of School
Educational Visits
Positive Behaviour
Student and NQT Mentor
  Deputy Headteacher

Year 1/2 Class 3 Teacher

Sarah Kelsey Curriculum
Religious EducationSafeguarding
 EYFS Class 1 Teacher Lucy Dixon Foreign Languages


EYFS/Year 1 Class 2 Teacher Danielle Drummond Maths
Jill Wookey Year 2 Class 4 Teacher Jill Wookey Music


Year 3 Class 5 Teacher Julie Ascroft Design Technology
NQT Mentor
Year 4 Class 6 Teacher Julie Brodrick Maths
Stewart C Year 5 Class 7 Teacher Stewart Culley SENCO
Student Mentor
Year 6 Class 8J Teacher Kate James Religious EducationSchool Council


John Atkinson Year 6 Class 8A Teacher John Atkinson Extended Schools Manager
Healthy Schools

Positive Behaviour

   Teacher Candice Atkinson Art and Design

Eco Schools

Key Stage 2 Teacher Ruth Bye Geography
   Administrator Alison Pilkington School Office


  Family Learning Mentor Gail Kirkham
Teaching Assistant Porsche McDonnell Class 1
Teaching Assistant Susan Mayor Class 2
Teaching Assistant Rachel  Snowden Class 3
Teaching Assistant Sarah Wilkinson Class 4
Teaching Assistant Angela Jones Class 4
Teaching Assistant

After School Club Manager

Joanne Howarth Class 5
Teaching Assistant

Midday Supervisor

Teresa Johnson Class 6
Teaching Assistant Stewart Yeadon Class 7
Teaching Assistant

Breakfast Club Leader

Nicola Wilkinson Class 8J
Teaching Assistant Joanne Carnell Class 8A and Class 8J
  Teaching Assistant

Breakfast Club Leader

Jane Allen Class 8A
PE & School Sports Dean Taylor
  Teaching Assistant

Welfare Assistant

Karen Richardson Class 3
Cook in Charge Nicky
 Krystal  Kitchen Assistant Krystal Maddox
Kitchen Assistant Kim Simpson
 Welfare Assistant Lorraine Chalfont
 Hazel Moate  Welfare Assistant Hazel Moate
After School Club Assistant

Welfare Assistant

Bee Magee
After School Club Assistant

Welfare Assistant

Emily Pickering
Site Supervisor Toni Massingham
Cleaner Viv Park