Clifton Primary School

The Past (Our Archive)

Here are some photographs from years gone by. If you have any others then please do send them in by email. If some photographs appear in the wrong year then sincere apologies and please do let us know!



Photo sent in by: Jane Worsfold (Swindlehurst) Back row from Left Stephen Hatton, Sue Huyton, Gillian Davis, ?, Andrew Whitaker, David Weinburgh(?), Sara Sweetland, Kelvin Stancombe Next row down from left Mr Stock, Janet Yates, Tracey Fieldhouse, Mandy Hollingworth. Anne Berry, Victoria Nelson, Catherine Harvey, Susan Standing, Lisa Gould, ? ,Mrs. Hindle 3rd Row down from left Andrew Pothecary, Jonathon Cash, ?, ?, Mark Potter, Andrew Cox, Steven Ridgeway, Michael (Neddy) Greenwood, Denis Boyle ?, 4th Row down from left Suzanne Whitworth, Anne Aspinall, Deborah Kitt, ?, Rachel Tarn, Suzanne Payton, Sarah (?), Alison Greening(?) On the floor Jane Swindlehurst (ME)


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