Clifton Primary School


Computing at Clifton Primary School


At Clifton Primary School, we understand the immense value that technology plays
not only in supporting the school curriculum but overall in our day-to-day life. Our
aims are to fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum for Computing whilst
ensuring that every child is a responsible, competent, confident and creative user of


The implementation of the Computing Curriculum is in line with 2014 Primary National
Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework in England. The
Computing Curriculum is broken down into the following areas:

– Computer Science – programming and understanding how digital systems

– Information Technology – using computer systems to store, retrieve and send

– Digital Literacy – evaluating digital content and using technology safely and

– eSafety – keeping safe whilst using the internet

We follow the Purple Mash Scheme of Work from EYFS – Year 6, which provides halftermly units for each year group, addressing the statutory aspects of the National Curriculum.
As a school, we believe in delivering fun and engaging lessons, which help to raise
standards and allow all pupils to achieve to their full potential.


By the time, our children leave Clifton; they will have gained key knowledge and
skills in the three main areas of the computing curriculum: computer science,
information technology and digital literacy. Children are ready to use these skills
safely, in a world that is ever changing and controlled by technology.

Progress is measured through regular teacher assessments. Data is gathered by
the class teacher at the end of each unit and subsequently analysed. Evidence of
children’s work is saved electronically in their Purple Mash document folders.
These can be accessed by the child’s class teacher and the Subject Leader.