Clifton Primary School


Foreign Language at Clifton Primary School


At Clifton Primary School, we learn the modern foreign language – Spanish. By studying a foreign language, we give children the opportunity not only to learn about other cultures but more importantly to communicate with others too.


Early Years and Key Stage 1:

Learning a language is not compulsory in Early Years and Key stage 1; however, we do introduce some formal learning with the younger children in Reception, Years 1 and 2. The focus is on finding out about where in the world Spanish is spoken, singing, stories, basic greetings, counting, and colours using the ‘Jolie Ronde’ scheme.

Key Stage 2:

In Key Stage 2, learning a foreign language becomes statutory. Children follow the ‘Jolie Ronde’ scheme where they are given the opportunity to communicate orally, share ideas, opinions and feelings using speech, compare their use of English Grammar and spelling to another language and express some ideas in writing. Children learn about the language and culture through songs, poems and rhymes, reading, listening and comprehension tasks, stories and videos.


The teaching provides an appropriate balance of spoken and written language and lays the foundation for further foreign language learning beyond the primary years.