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IMPORTANT INFORMATION on 26th January 2022

Dear Parents/Carers,
The tarmacers have moved in to complete the next phase of our playground. They are fencing off the area they are working on which means that there is no access from infant to junior playground or vice versa.
When collecting your children from school please follow these points:
– Parents of INFANT children only (Classes 1-4) please enter school via the small gate at the front of school and wait outside the classroom door as normal.
– Parents of JUNIOR children only (Classes 5-8) please enter the school via the Harrogate Road entrance and wait at the classroom door. CLASS 7 parents, please wait so you can see the double doors near Mr Culley’s classroom as there will be no access the the classroom external door.
– Parents of SIBLINGS FROM INFANTS AND JUNIORS (so a child in each), your older children will be sent to your infant child’s classroom ready for collection at 3.15pm so please enter school via the infant entrance and go to your infant child’s classroom door.
When dropping off your children in the mornings please drop off as usual and we will ensure your child has access through school to their classroom.
Thank you for your understanding. We can’t wait for our new play area to be complete.
Kind regards
Rachel Legge


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We are part of a new Pan Lancashire project called Operation Encompass.

Following a domestic abuse incident attended by Police, at which children from our school were present, we will be notified by early the next morning and prior

to the start of the school day. This enables us to offer support or whatever is needed to any child arriving at school. Each school has a member of staff (key adult) who is trained to liaise with the police, when required, whilst ensuring support is available to the child. The adults in our school are Mrs Legge and Mrs Kelsey.

We are committed to providing the best possible care and support for all our pupils.

“Bringing out the best in each and every child”

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